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Alfie Sam Crowley was born on 3rd March 2003. He never got to open his eyes or breathe his first breath but this website is built to show how proud we are that he made it that far. Still our beautiful baby boy.

Alfie died of a massive placental abruption the day before he was actually born. I find that a strange thing to deal with as everyone else classes him as dying on the day that was was born and this is not the case.

Alfie with Mummy and DaddyThis is the reason I chose Born Sleeping as the name for his website, it states what actually happened and leaves me with a
nicer image of how my son was born, an image of a peaceful passing.

You are very welcome here, please take your time and browse around all of the pages on this site.

You will find here the story of how we lost our little boy and how we have over time learned to deal with our loss.

You will find different perspectives from different members of the family, things that remind us of Alfie , photos of our time with him and offers of help and support to those of you out there who might be going through the same experiences. Please feel free to contact me at any time, I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting us, please drop in again.

Andrea & J x x x

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Please note: If you are looking for the South African Support Group "Born Sleeping" please click here.  Thank you.