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I hope that anyone who finds us here on the net, whether you have experienced the loss of your own child or not, if you would like to share your feelings or thoughts about anything on your mind that you will join us on Alfie's message boards.

The sudden loss of a child sometimes leaves you feeling out of place even with your own friends or family and maybe the only way you can get things out of your system is to talk openly about how you're feeling to people who are not directly in your face and treading on eggshells around you.

I found it so much easier to talk to people on the net who had been through the same things that I had, who were feeling what I was and who knew what I was talking about at that moment in time. Not that I wasn't thankful for the people who were around me but I think I needed that bit of freedom to express myself in my own way without feeling that I was being judged or pitied.

If this is how you feel, please join us, we are a small group who have all been through the same experiences who will make you feel welcome and be there for you for the good days and the bad. We know that there are plenty of those and will always be there to see you through.

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