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As with Alfie's Songs, there will be certain poems, mainly ones which came on sympathy cards or from books that people gave us when we lost Alfie that have meaning or that just really touched us at the time. Here are some of them, please send us ones that meant a lot to you and I will post them on the site, they may help someone else, your poem may become theirs too.

J found this poem online and saved it, he thought it explained the way that he was feeling at the time, this was just a few days after Alfie was born


My Little Boy


For the little boy I'll never know,

Born too soon before he could grow,

There's nothing in this world I wouldn't give,

If only my little boy could somehow live,

But you were too precious for this world,

From Earth to Heaven, your place was filled,

I felt so warm, content inside,

My smile for you was hard to hide,

But now you're gone I sit and cry,

Why did my little boy have to die,

One day I know we'll meet again,

My heart will then be freed from pain,

But until that day does arrive,

In my heart you'll stay alive



This was a poem given to me by my friend Helen just as we were about to start the service for Alfie's funeral. Yet again, as soon as I started to read it I was welling up. She said she had meant to tell me not to read it until afterwards but forgot....too late!




I can't reach out,

To comfort you,

Or hold your tiny hand,

The precious dreams I held,

Can't be fulfilled the way I planned,

Sometimes I say a little prayer,

In hope, perhaps I might,

Have one last chance to tuck you in,

Before I say goodnight,

So much I would have shared with you,

But as we had to part,

There's just an empty silence,

Echoes in my broken heart


This is a beautiful poem which I couldn't read the whole way through for a good while. It still brings a tear to my eye. I can just about read it the whole way through in one go now. It hurt me to read as it is written from the perspective of a baby to his mum, reading it after carrying a baby for so long and still bearing the scars, bruises and needle marks that birth brings was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. J read it out at the graveside, it was very moving.


I Am With You


Once I lived in my mother's womb,

A place for me to flourish and bloom,

And in that place I felt such love,

Until the day I was called from above,

The angels came and took me away,

Because on Earth I couldn't stay,

But my mother didn't want me to go,

Because she really loves me so,

So I spoke to God and made a deal,

That would help my mummy's heart to heal,

And so God said that I could visit,

At any time, there is no limit,

Now I watch her visit my grave,

I send her courage to make her brave,

And in the night when she cries,

I am there to wipe her eyes,

And when she sits and thinks of me,

I am there sat on her knee,

When she thinks that no one cares,

I am there stroking her hair,

When it's hard for her to carry on,

I am there to make her strong,

For when you carry love in your heart,

You never really are apart


No, didn't manage it this time either. :(

Reading it is one thing typing it out is another!


Do not stand at my grave and weep

This is apparently a famous poem by an unknown author, it was found in an envelope left by a soldier killed in Ulster by an exploding mine in 1989 "To all my loved ones"


Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep,

I am the thousand winds that blow,

I am diamond glints on slow,

I am the sunlight on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumnal rain,

When you waken in the morning hush,

I am the soft uplifting rush

of quiet birds in circled flight,

I am the soft stars that shine at night,

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not there, I did not die


When we decided to have a naming ceremony for Alfie at the hospital, we asked his brothers and sister whether they would like to write something which could be read out for him. They did it, and they came up trumps. When I read these I was so proud of my kids and knew then that he would have been a well loved baby brother. These poems also ended up being read at the funeral service.



by Damon, aged 8


My brother Alfie is so handsome,

He is very nice and cute,

I didn't want him to pass away,

But that's the way it is,

I am thankful for the time I had with him,

I hope he enjoys it in Heaven with God and all his friends,

I hope he is loved up there,

Please God let him rest in peace



by Gemma, aged 11


Alfie was a cool brother,

Although he's not around,

He had a great mother,

He never made a sound,

He was a cutie,

He had little hands,

Have you seen his little bootees?

He had a couple of great nans



by Jason, aged 13


Alfie was my brother,

I'm sad to see him go,

I wish I could have seen him alive,

He should have been allowed to live,

I love him very much,

I will miss him.


The Loss Of Your Child

This poem is taken from a card that I received from some friends, Rachel and Leon and their kids, baby Kian and the lovely lovely Sam Sam. xxxxxx ( kisses for Sam)


There's a pain beyond imagining

That's burning in your heart

For suddenly your whole world

Has been cruelly ripped apart

All words of consolation

Which are bound to come your way

Will probably seem empty

And of little use today

For when you ask for reasons

When you ask the question why

It makes no sense at all

That one so precious had to die

The only source of comfort

Is your memories and the love

And they will shine forever

Like the brightest star above

A flame that burns eternally

So strong it lights the sky

And even through your darkest days

That flame will never die

So many people share your pain

We grieve with you as one

The gift of life gets taken back

But love goes on and on


Very kind poem from Melinda

A few days ago I stared talking to a lovely girl called Mel who sadly lost her little girl Aubri at 22 weeks. It is only just over two weeks since she lost Aubri and yet she found the strength and time to send me this lovely piece of writing, I don't think I really deserve such but I thank her anyway, here is what Mel sent me today 07.08.03


Once there was a baby named Alfie.

He was very loved yes indeed.

His parents wanted him very much but could not hold him for long you see.

This little baby lost his fight to live at no fault of his own.

Now this little baby calls Heaven his home.

Little Alfie never had a chance to cry or to hold his mommy's hand tight to say I love you mom or to say good night.

Now his mommy helps other people just like me.

Who have lost babies of there own and though their tears they can hardly see.

She has so much compassion and love to share.

To her I am truly thankful for everything that she has done she makes you feel like a mommy even though your child has passed on.

Alfie at his naming ceremony


Poem from David

Today, 25th August 2009, I received an e-mail from David who had recently lost his niece Eadie who was born sleeping and wrote this poem in her memory.  The poem was passed on to be shared with anyone who may like to read it when remembering their own little angels, thank you so much x


Angels from heaven are occasionally sent
But never awake its the way that its meant
They are given to parents who have shown there worth
But are taken away afore moment of birth
It isn't a cruel or meaningless act
Its written in stars its an heavenly pact
These angels born sleeping are chosen this way
To prepare heavens gardens for all children to play
God bless mum and dad who are left sore of heart
For the love that was given will never depart.
You'll rejoice once again when your time on earth ends
As you meet there in heaven your broken heart mends.

---------- x ----------
In our memories and Hearts forever
Eadie, Alfie & All Our Angels


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