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There have been many days so far which we have felt the absence of Alfie and we know there will be many more.

Although we always think of Alfie when these days come around and wish he was here with us, now and again it's not enough.  Sometimes, you feel like there must be something more you can do to include him in all the special occasions throughout the year.  I sometimes just like to make a little image for this page to mark the day for him, nothing special but it's just for him and reminds me of that time.

I will add more as I make them.

Alfie's 6th Birthday - 2009

I no longer have the things that were created for Alfie's 5th,
my computer was wiped and many things didn't survive.

3rd March 2007 - Alfie's 4th Birthday

Yet another year gone by and we are again at Alfie's birthday.

Happy Birthday Alfie, love you loads x x x


Gemma, now 15, Alfie's big sister also wanted to say Happy Birthday and made him this picture, her birthday tribute to him.  I'm sure he'll love it.

Merry Christmas Alfie, love you sweetheart x x x

Friday 3rd March 2006 sees the 3rd birthday of Alfie coming around.

Not sure yet how this will feel, have had one terrible year and one which we got through a lot better than we had imagined, we'll just have to wait and see how this one pans out, I will tell all once I know myself on the Year On Page.


This coming week holds a time of very mixed feelings for myself and the rest of the family.  Tuesday 2nd March is the first anniversary of Alfie's death and the next day the 3rd March is his first birthday.

Whilst this is usually the happiest of times, it kind of holds a sense of dread for me.  I will be celebrating a whole year of having my baby in my life but although he is carried with me every second of every day he is not here to shower with presents and kisses and cuddles.  I don't know how this will make me feel.  Sad for that single fact but also because that means I no longer have the feelings of *this time last year I was pregnant and doing this or doing that and this time last year was when this happened with Alfie or that happened with Alfie* that now has all gone, maybe I'm scared of things fading into the distance, I don't know but I suppose I will find out soon enough.

Happy Birthday Alfie our sunshine,

our love and thoughts are with you

x x x

Alfie's first birthday gift, thanks Sharon x  Another one from Sharon, thanks x


Another New Year fast approaches us but this year there will be a sense of sadness and an empty space in the hearts of a lot of people I have come to know this year.

If not for the sad fact that we have all lost our babies I would not now know these people now.  I want to wish all everyone who has visited Alfie here on this site a Happy New Year and hope that the coming year will bring a little more peace than this last one did.

To Alfie, We miss you more than you could ever know and we will love you forever.  Happy New Year baby, we carry you round in our hearts, love you Mummy, Daddy, Jason, Gemma and Damon x



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