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Taison was born sleeping on February 2, 2006 at 1:55pm.
Lost at 36 weeks gestation

He was 5lbs. 5oz. and 19 inches long.
He had a lot of beautiful black hair just like his dad.
He was born at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin, IN
and laid to rest in baby row at Greenlawn Cemetary in Franklin, IN

Until Later Son

Until later son, we part ways
Though understanding isn't there
And although you're in a better place
I still wish you were here
I didn't hear you cry or feed you
Or see you grow to say my name
No eyes to gaze deep into
No bumps, no cuts, no band aids

Until later son, I've wondered
Who you'd look more like in time
To me, you'll always be beautiful
But I still don't know how to say goodbye
No easy words to comfort this empty heart
Just shattered dreams, so much confusion
Needing laughter and joy, one smile
Oh I wish my heart could beat just once for you

Until later son, be pleased to know
You're not forgotten, only missed
And I'm sure it pains you to see me cry
But please, for me, perk up those tiny lips
This journey brings pain and loneliness
But also brings me joy
So now I step up saying until later son
But soon a hello to my beautiful boy


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