May 2010

It's now May and realise that I have not updates this for quite a quite a while.  Don't ask me why as I really have no idea how but since the last updates, I have been ridiculously busy and just have not had the time to call on and update.

It just seems that the more time that passes, the more I think I have missed putting up on here and it seems like a huge job.  Maybe I will just have to take a leap and just try to update more regularly from now on rather than try to remember everything that's happened in the last three months.

Will try my best to be good, hopefully catch you soon and hope that the first half of 2010 has been kind to you all. x

February 2010

Sun 21st.
Gemma on the way to The Rocky Horror ShowWell, this has been a very busy few weeks, haven't had time to get on here and ramble away at what's been going on.

My daughter turned 18 this month, 18!!  How old does that make me?  Lol.  She went off to Blackpool with her friends for the event, that makes you realise how time has moved on when they start doing things like that.

I have been trying to keep up with Bobby and his hectic schedule, every time he goes off on a round of promotional appearances, it's a job in itself to keep up and make sure that everyone knows about them but it makes people happy to see him so it's worth it in the end.

I have been talking with Bobby more about the chances of maybe some production company releasing the old shows.  So many people want to buy them, it's crazy that there would be any resistance to producing them, if I had a pound for every e-mail or FB message I answered about being able to buy DVDs I would be a very well off woman by now.

For the possibility of these companies doing research into creating such items, there is now a Facebook Group open for people to join to show the amounts of numbers of people wanting to buy the series'.  If you would like to add yourself to the group to show your support, it can be found here

Evie having a cuddle

There has been a lot of babysitting, Evie has been here a lot and she hasn't been very well, poor little thing.

Hopefully now things will start to pick up for her although she is teething already and it's driving her mad.

I have hopefully helped out a friend by building him a website for his IT business.  It kept me occupied for a few days and stopped me wasting my life on Twitter, lol.

We are still having snow here, had a huge downfall again today, 21st Feb, has been at it for over 2 months now.  Wonder if it will ever stop, lol.

The next few weeks here will be the ones we dread every year.  It's coming up to the time of the anniversary of the loss of our baby in 2003.

Our son Alfie xThe day that we lost him and his actual birthday are upon us at the beginning of March and the run up is always an unsettling and strange time.

Will take every day as it comes and wonder how it will be having another baby around the place at that time, it's something we have never had to deal with before.

I have probably missed out loads of stuff here about recent times but if there's anything of importance, I will call back on and add it.  :)

January 2010

Tuesday 5th
Yet more snow hit us early this morning, right in time to confuse every school and transport service in the entire county, lol.
Just about all the schools (250 in the area) are closed, the roads are horrendous, no one is getting anywhere.
Both Leeds/Bradford and Manchester airports are closed, bad luck Rob n Daz, and it seems nothing is working anywhere.

All because of this, this was the effects after about 2 hrs . . .


Lovely piccie of Evie

Sunday 3rd
Jason got a text tonight and just sat there laughing his head off.  I asked what was amusing him so much and he showed me a piccie of Evie that Amy had just sent to him. 
I dunno what he thought was so funny about it, I think it is one of the most lovely pictures of her but for some reason, he finds it hysterical.  I asked him to forward it to me as it was gorgeous, this is the pic, I love it  :)

Friday 1st Jan
Well, I haven't been up long today but I was dreading doing so, laid in bed for ages not wanting to move as I knew the whole downstairs needed to be tidied and that the washing up was still there from last night, absolutely dreading it.

I came down though as I didn't know what time Amy and Evie were staying until and didn't wanna miss saying goodbye if it was early as Jason is working at 12.  Came down and J was hoovering, that was a surprise but I thought, "Ah, is he doing his usual thing of waiting until he hears me move upstairs and then moving to make it look like he was doing something?"  Haha.  He wasn't . . . .

I looked into the kitchen as I walked past and the washing up was done too!!  Now this may not sound like much, but it was, to me, and for him!  It is not a normal occurrence and as sad as it sounds, it made me more happy than anything this morning.  Couldn't have asked for anything more.

J with his NYE Tache!

Thanks J, that made my day today and made me very happy.

All that remains to be said today tho now is, when can we get rid of this?  Lol!

New Years Eve always has this strange effect on my hubby!  We should really get it seen to, haha  :)

New Year's Eve 2009
Thurs 31st Dec, a normal day, went out on my new bike (bought yesterday out of the blue after going to town at night to buy animal food!) in the morning.  Not a good idea, was out ten mins and was absolutely knackered!! 

Was ridiculous, I should be ashamed that I am so unfit, lol.  The worst thing was my legs, the muscles at the front of my thighs were killing me.  I wonder now if that was why I always rode my bike stood up as a kid, I don't ever remember riding a bike actually sitting on the saddle, maybe something to think about the next time I go out . . .
Speaking of the saddle, OUCH!  That's gonna get some getting used to, lol.

Later on in the day Gemma went out, Damon went out, Jason went to work and then Amy and Evie came over to wait for Jason to come home and we all spent the evening in together.  we had a lovely quiet night in watching the TV and eating chinese, nice night.  We discovered that although Evie is only a month and a day old, she likes Spinal Tap and Nigel Tufnell inparticular, lol. 

It's now after midnight, J managed (just) to keep himself awake until the New Year was here and then went off to bed.  Evie started to drop off about half past one so they all then went to bed leaving me here to watch some rubbish telly and wait to get tired.  It's 5 to 3 in the morning now, still not tired but I suppose I had better get gone and try.

It's now the 1st Jan 2010 and the first addition to this page of the year, wonder what will have been written here at this time next year, after the last one, I now know, you just never can tell.  Let's wait and see, have a lovely new year all x

Wednesday 23rd Dec 2009
Today is the day we went to see panto in Lincoln with Bob and Tom. 
The weather was as bad as had been for the previous week, still plenty of snow and ice about and was soooo cold.
By the time we left Bradford, the sun was out and the sky was clear which meant it was lovely and bright but absolutely freezing cold.

We stopped off at the Humber Bridge on the way and took some photos, I had never known my fingers freeze up and stop working so quickly ever.  It was beautiful to look at and the piccies are nice but I can't explain how utterly cold it really was. 

Humber Bridge 23.12.09

I took out my phone to take a photo to upload to Facebook and by the time the picture was taken, I had to stop and get in the car to give my fingers a chance to thaw out before continuing to press any more buttons to upload the picture to Facebook. I simply couldn't move them, they hurt.

We continued on and made it into Lincoln in good time.  We found and booked into the hotel after travelling around the cathedral in the car, which I don't think we were meant to do but there ya go.

We had plenty of time before we had to get ready to go out so we went into Lincoln town centre and had a walk around for a couple of hours. As the time went by, you could physically feel the temperature dropping all the time.  We had a look in the shops, went round the skating rink and the markets and had something to eat.

Lincoln during the day - the very cold day

This was the view from the window where we sat and had our dinner.

Nice wintery scene.

We made it down and back up probably the steepest hill in Britain twice and I was dreading doing it again at night time when we had to go back to the theatre, if anyone from Lincoln council is reading, you seriously need to install cable cars or moving walkways on that street, haha!

After finding out that the evening's performance was much earlier than we originally thought, we set off from the hotel to find it raining, how typical, when you do your hair and set off out, it rains, and then snows all over you so by the time you get there you look like a drowned snowman!

The show was fab. The theatre was much smaller than I imagined and as we were on the front row, knew that we would get picked on by Tom and Bob all night and they didn't let us down, over and over again, we were singled out all through the show.  The dame was fab, the fairy was the same girl who had starred with Bob and Tom in BBM in 2008 and it was a great production.

The only thing that will be remembered for the wrong reason is the fact that the poor girl who played the princess fell down the steps at the end of the performance when the rest of the cast were standing back and applauding them out so all eyes were on her.  Of course it didn't go unnoticed and the next time Bob and Tom came down the steps, they made sure they referenced that in the way that they came down, lol.

We went from the theatre to the pub over the road to meet Bob.  He was very quick, he came in only about 30 seconds after we did which surprised me.  We got a drink and went to sit down.

We had been talking for about 3 minutes when some drunken Irish guy came over and plonked himself down at the side of Bob and preceded to tell him that he knew who he was and didn't like him growing up, he liked the Two Ronnies instead!  It was obvious, as Bob himself pointed out afterwards, he did like them otherwise he wouldn't have headed straight over when he saw him come in and spend the entire evening talking away.

It was difficult for us to have a proper conversation with him there as every time we started to talk about anything, he butted straight in and took over the conversation.  Bob knew just how to handle him though and kept control of the situation well.  Some of the cast from the panto came over and sat with us on the next table as all this was happening and we spoke quite a bit to the guy who played the dame, a really nice bloke, would have been nice to have been able to talk more without the tanked up guy interrupting everything that was spoken about.

Was laughing with Bob about him wearing his jungle boots as they were the best boots he had to deal with the weather that we were having, it took ages to try and get through to Mr. Drunk that Bob had actually been in the jungle, he didn't have a clue what we were on about, he thought we were referring to the urban jungle and telling us that he lived in the jungle every day, lol.

Bob and I Bob and J






We took some piccies and said goodbye to everyone, the dame left at the same time as us as he didn't wanna get left with our inebriated friend and Fairy was going home to wrap her boyfriend's prezzie.

We left just in good time to be able to get back to see Bob appear in Not Going out which was fab.  Made me laugh, lovely to see someone we like in a show that we like, a good mixture of the two which worked out really well.

Fog and ice in Lincoln

We travelled back the morning after and the weather wasn't so great, it didn't snow very much in Lincoln but the ice everywhere was horrendous and a lot of roads had been closed off as they were so dangerous.The radio reported that day that there had been many car crashes and accidents because of the ice so we had to be really careful. 

Terrible weather in Yorkshire

There was bad fog everywhere and as well as that, we kept receiving phone calls telling us how much snow had fallen overnight at home and that it was still at it so we had that to look forward to when we got home also.

We made it in one piece and got on with the rest of Christmas Eve.  All in, a good trip, very enjoyable and well worth it.

Snowy scene on arrival home

This was the scene that greeted us when we arrived home on Christmas Eve morning.

A very beautiful snowy scene, took ten mins to get the car up the little hill at the end of the street it was so thick but very nice to look at, lol.


Sunday 20th Dec
Today is a big day for Bobby, the show he is in, The Fattest Man In Britain, is being aired tonight for the first time.  Everyone is dying to see it, the reviews so far have been fab and I don't see any reason why they should be any different afterwards.  He has the support of so many people rooting him on, I hope he enjoys the response he gets from it.

Bobby stars as Morris in The Fattest Man In Britain  Not Going Out - Absent Father Christmas

Only three days away from going to panto, we will be meeting up for a drink with Bob so I am sure he will tell us how he found watching the show on the box.  His other appearance, in Not Going Out is on that same night.  How typical, wait 18 months to see something and then the night it's finally shown, I am out in the pub with Bob so neither of us will get to see it, haha!  Thank God for recordable TV!

Am expecting Damon home today, he has slept out for 2 nights now, it's not right, he should be here in his room, glued to his pc with his headphones on, lol.  The heavy snow we had has iced over now and it's sunny at the mo so that will make it much easier to walk on, not!  There is more predicted to will have to wait and see what happens.

Has been a busy week this week, catching up on everything that needed catching up on after the days with the girls, trying to get sorted for Christmas and getting everything sorted online. 

Kinda started getting there on Saturday (19th) I felt that once the newsletters were out and the Harpers vid and site were sorted and everyone was happy and harmonious here that I could start to relax a bit.  Everyone has now finished school, college and Uni for Christmas so now it's time to take it easy and get things done in our own time for a bit.

J got some great marks for the essays that he handed in this week.  He did really well again, it takes it out of him but if he carries on getting good results, it's worth it, he should be really proud of himself like we all are of him.

Have had Evie here overnight, she is coming along leaps and bounds, always lovely to see her and to spend time with her, she is getting the hang of screaming the place down when dinner isn't ready as soon as she decides she is hungry, she is very good at that now in fact but she is very funny, the faces she pulls have us all in stitches, I have one of them as the desktop wallpaper on my pc at the mo.

Sun 13th Dec '09.
Today was the big day, visitors arriving from all over the place.  had to be up and on the ball today.  Went mad for a few hours finishing the cleaning and tidying away after everyone ready to ensure that all we had to do when Lorna got here from Ireland was to eat, chat and get ready for the off.

Met Natalie and Jasmine at The Hilton in Bradford City Centre.  Had a drink and a natter before the evening started.  We had to fight with a few of the older folks there to keep our seats but we dug our heels in and stayed sat at the back of the room for the entire evening's events, lol.


I had a chat with Darren and Rob before they went on to perform, videoed their act for the evening and then went to wait for the main event.  I won't say much about that as it wasn't so much my cup of tea and I don't wanna be seen saying anything negative but even though the evening didn't end quite as we thought it would, we had a good goss with the lads after the performance and it was lovely meeting up with the girls, we have a few pics and a video thrown together of the evening's show from the lads so it was worth the effort made.


Thur 10th Dec.  Have in the last hour launched the latest website.
Bobby Ball now has his own website to highlight everything that is happening with him and will run alongside Rock On Bob n Tom to further showcase that these two guys are very much still rockin and rollin!

The site can be found at, please call by and leave him a message in his guestbook.

Went out this morning, Tues 8th Dec, to drop Damon off at his work experience and somehow managed to come home with 2 beautiful baby rats. Always when you least expect it eh?

I have had a couple called Bob and Tom before so that plan is scuppered. Lol.  I think I shall keep an eye on them for a couple of days, see what their personalities are like and choose something appropriate then.

Have a quick peek and see how luvverly they are  :-)


The date is approaching for some of us from Facebook to get together for a Christmas party in Bradford City Centre.  We have a Bradford local, someone travelling from Australia, someone travelling form Ireland and someone coming up from Birmingham to a party at the Hilton Hotel, should be a good laugh.  Entertainment is to be provided by Joe Longthorne and The Harper Brothers, catch you soon Rob and Daz.  I am sure after this time next week there will be some photos to come here.


Haha, Laughing at Sickboy today.  I caught him snoozing under the Christmas tree and when I got down to try to take a photo of him, he wasn't too chuffed.


Just about as chuffed as when I was using the PC instead of giving him attention yesterday when he had to take drastic action and lay down on the keyboard so I couldn't use it. 

Check out the evil looks he was giving me, lol.
He looks like Davis Bowie on this one with the different coloured eyes, haha.
Click the thumbnails to see the full images


Well, what's going on right now is that I have just spent the last week creating this website.  I started on Sunday 29th Nov but had to stop half way through the design as my grand-daughter Evie decided she had had enough of living where she was and wanted to have a peep outside.

The week has been a busy one since her first appearance and so I am now just finishing off getting the initial bits of content in, Sunday 6th December.  A weeks to sort although I have probably worked on it for 2 or 3 days all in.  Hope it is worth it when it's done, lol.