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Web Stuff
Graphics Stuff

I used to love to make websites and graphics and on this website you can see a selection of the ones I have created for myself, family and friends and a few which I made for groups and centres in my local community.

I started taking an interest in web and graphics design in 2003 and over time tried to learn more to increase my knowledge and enable me to create more inspirational graphics when needed.

Web Stuff

Here is a small selection of some of my previous designs, some are still live, some not.  If the site is still accessible there is here a link to each one, if not, only a screencap of the site's homepage will appear.

Some of these were built when I worked for a design company a few years ago and the others have been done as favours for people I know.  Nice to be able to keep myself occupied now and again, lol.

Nikki Miller
Website built for a friend who makes her living singing and entertaining in the north of England and also works a lot in Benidorm. Find out what she does and where to find her.
Clinic Younique
A brand new super salon opened in Sale needed a website to display to their potential customers everything they had to offer as well as all of their monthly specials.
Handbags N Botox
This site was created for a friend who is a writer.  Things are starting to take off for him and he wanted somewhere to showcase the things he was doing.
Scarlat Logitech's Secure Backup Website Scarlat Logitech's Secure Backups
This website was created to fit in with the existing identity of Scarlat Logitech as the established IT company that they are yet highlight their new services.
The Official Bobby Ball Website
This site is Bobby's own personal site and highlights upcoming events and news about Bobby as well as sharing background info and contact details for the entertainer.
Crawley & Sons Funeral Directors
This site was built to replace an old out of date version of the site, it was brought up to date, built in sympathetic colours and remoulded all round to answer any questions.
The Harper Brothers
Site built for up and coming entertainers, The Harper Brothers.  The site gives people the chance to find out all about them, their act and interact with the lads as well.
Rock On Bob n Tom - Official Cannon & Ball Website
The Official Cannon & Ball website, Dates, news and many other features.  There is a guestbook and also a chance for fans to leave a message for Bobby & Tommy.
We Love The Rollers
Nostalgic Fan Site for the 70s Phenomenon that was The Bay City Rollers, work ongoing.
Interactive features such as guestbook and fans page.
Scarlat Logitech
Recently built for a local IT Specialist Company.  Built to client's own specifications, outlining everything the business offers.  Includes news section for up to date info.
IDS Mobile Tyres IDS Mobile Tyres
Built for a local tyre firm who wanted to advertise their services and promote their unique husband and wife fitting team and tyre sourcing specialties.
Quantum Leapon

A graphics based fansite for the 90's time travel sci-fi series Quantum Leap, made to stand out from other basic QL sites.

USA Cop Cars

Built for a limousine and novelty police car hire company in Nottingham.  Outlines the different services on offer.

Luv My Munky

A small site built for fun.  Paying homage to the fantastic PG Tips Monkey from the advertisements.

Breaking Point UK

This site was built for a local, young metal band.  It includes biographies, images, guestbook and their gig list.  A way to keep in contact with the public who follow the band.


A modern, snappy site built for a modern, snappy girl.  All features in this site fit the personality of the site's owner.


This is one of the past versions of this website.  There are others from the past few years here.

United Hands United Hands
An interesting site for a local company which runs courses and workshops covering a variety of topics.  This site was designed, built and then passed on to its respective owner.
Born Sleeping
A memorial website running for the past five years. Stories of loss, images, tributes, support and memories of a lost son.  Older versions can be seen here.
Daph Dot Com

A site that has been running for a few years now, built as a tongue in cheek look at my Mum's life.  Old versions here.

Baby Charlie's Website

This site was created as a tribute to a baby lost shortly after birth.  Something for his siblings to remember him by.

A local rock band needed a site to publicise what they did, what they could offer and advertise all of their gigs. The site was set up in order for them to self update as required.
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A lot of these sites were built quite a few years ago and were built to the owners' specific requests.  Always remember that everyone's tastes vary and that fads and styles come and go.  It's sometimes nice to have a bit of a rehash and freshen up every now and again, as with fashion, it all comes full circle eventually!
Graphics Stuff

In this internet age, there will always be a growing demand for electronic images of some kind.  They are used for countless different reasons.  Here are just a few examples of the kinds of things that people use on the net, for print and for general everyday life.

Please click on an option to view more:
Desktop Wallpapers
Sigtags and Animations
My Munkies

I don't do too much video but I sometimes enjoy fiddling about with bits of film and slideshow material.

Made this one as a tribute to Cannon and Ball recently.  Thought it might just be nice to put on here as an example. (Linked from YouTube to save on bandwidth!)


Various Graphics

Handbags n Botox

Mikie Lawson is an aspiring writer from Manchester.  I became acquainted with him on Twitter, further to that found out about the blog he writes which has lead to him writing a Column for canal-street.co.uk and moanaboutmen.co.uk and a Facebook Group under the same name as his Twitter & Blog, Handbags 'n' Botox!

Whilst browsing Twitter this week, I saw a callout from Mikie asking for anyone who might be able to help him create a logo for Handbags 'n' Botox.  I love a challenge and the next hour or two I spend working on my idea.  I sent it to Mikie when finished and he loved it so thought it may be worthy of a place on this page.

Handbags n Botox

Breaking Point

I have created graphics / flyers for different bands and groups over the years, one for the most recent has been a band called Breaking Point.

Here is one for the flyers created for a gig they wanted to advertise in Leeds.  There will be more but I'd need to find them first.

Business Graphics

Small or start up businesses are always looking for that little something extra to help promote their work when they can't be there to do it for themselves, that's when a  small informative website is worth it's weight in gold.

You want to spread the word and advertise the services you can offer to your community but you can't be everywhere all at once to let the world know what you can do for them.  Just about everyone these days can access the internet so if someone saw an advert or had a flyer with your web address included, it is now second nature to use the net to find out more details.  It takes only seconds for them to discover that you are local, have the best prices around, or offer the very service that they have been looking for and you have yourself a new customer!

It's that simple, here are some examples of a few businesses I have created either website or graphical products for, some as a favour as they were friends and some created while I was working for a web/design company.

IDS Mobile Tyres

IDS Mobile Tyres wanted to renew their image as they changed their name to emphasise the mobile aspect of their business.

A website was built and to accompany that and raise awareness of its existence A5 flyers were required to help achieve that.

These were built in a graphic form to create familiarity with their faces and their van in the local area.  They advertised the fact that customers who needed assistance could feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they send out both male and female fitters to the scene of help.  They advertised all of the points they wanted to stress to customers old and new.  See the leaflets below.


Shine Recruitment Consultants

Shine Recruitment Consultants set up business in 2007 and a lot of work was done for them at the time.   Examples here consist of a roller banner, a folder with insert sleeves and business stationery.


There was a website built but this is no longer in use.
This was the initial design, you can see how all of the other designs were made to co-ordinate with this, which was all initially inspired by the logo and the colours contained within it.

Business Folder (Front, Sleeve Insides and Rear)

Front Cover Shine Folder  Shine Folder - Inner Left  Shine Folder - Inner Right  Rear of Shine Folder
Front Sleeve          Inner Left               Inner Right            Rear Sleeve

Roller banner to be used at recruitment events

Shine Recruitment Roller Banner

This was designed to be taken around from place to place as a backdrop to Shine's stand at whatever venue  they were advertising their services.

Very specific sizes and dimensions were required, the colours used were to co-ordinate with the rest of Shine's branding and I had to be extremely careful with the dimensions of the spaces left at the top and bottom to incorporate the Blind Stand when printed up into the actual blind and hung as required.



Shine's Business Stationery

Shine chose their own colours for their branding and from the many options offered, chose the stationery which showed off the most of their chosen colours.

Shine Letterhead     Shine Compliment Slip
Letterhead               Compliment Slip

Business Card     Shine Business Card 2     Rear Of Business Cards
Business card 1         Business card 2        Rear of business cards.

United Hands

United Hands had business stationery created as well as their website.

United Hands Letterhead     United Hands Compliment Slip     United Hands Business Card
Letterhead                Compliment Slip                     Business Card

Maximum Research Company

Max wanted a new logo to refresh his brand image and went for a whole new look for his company.  He already had an idea of a shape that he liked and so his colours, his idea and his name all went in as contributory factors to the outcome of his final new logo.  He had two sides to his company and so the same image was used for recognition and continuity but different colours were used for each side.

     Blue Logo                 Green Logo    

As well as logos being created Max had some stationery designed at the same time incorporating the same styles as the rest of his imagery.
Below are examples of the letterheads he had made up for his business.

Northern Boy Films

I was recently approached by Northern Boy Films to create a logo for them for them to incorporate both the business that they are in and also build on the name, stress the Northern Boy image.

The logo is now being used by Northern Boy Films on their website and I also provided different hi resolution versions for print for their stationery etc and on different coloured backgrounds for their associated sites.


Yorkshire Water

A team at Yorkshire Water was entered into some prestigious awards and got news that they had been put through to the finals in York.

To let people know what they had done to achieve this status they wanted a leaflet/small booklet to explain to people how they had gone so far.

The team decided between themselves that they didn't want a boring leaflet that no one would be bothered to read through as they would be taking these to York with them to have on their own stand and to hand out to everyone there.  They came up with a theme.

They decided that if they spoke in terms relative to a football team it may spark more interest that a bland office talk leaflet.  There we had it, they told their tale in the shape of them being the team that were told to up the stakes and work to achieve the goal.

Here are the four main images that made up the handouts that they took to York with them.


I have also aided a team at Yorkshire Water recently by overhauling some of the forms that they use between teams to report information that needs to be put into the system.

The forms they were using were old and it took a lot of work to get papers filled in a taken back to offices for someone there to take off details, put them into the system and action any work that needed doing.

They wanted something electronic so that when their people were out at sites across the region, they could fill in the forms on their laptops and then send them straight into the office instantly.  Much more efficient, easier for everyone involved, work can be actioned much more quickly and there is no reason for people to have to take big bunches of papers into the office for others to have to sit and go through.

I took the old forms, restructured them, made them aesthetically nicer to have to look at and set them into a structure both on Word and Adobe Professional to create Word and PDF documents which would allow them to do exactly what they had wanted to do. 

They worked out well and as far as I am aware they are still using them.

I obviously can't put the forms onto a website but this is something that I have created for businesses on a few occasions also.  Worth a mention.



I built a site for a brand new valeting company which ended up being a bit of an all round package.  Before anything could commence, they needed a logo, they told me what they wanted and after a few tweaks they had the "lightning bolt Z" that they had asked for.

The site was built and then I made a presentation for the company which was placed on the website so that people could download it and pass it on as well as watching online.  The presentation then was turned into CD Roms and sent out to prospective clients and then I created and printed some flyers for the staff to pass out and to post of to companies along with the presentation discs to spread the word and tell everyone what this company could offer them.

Here are a few examples of the things made for them.

     Carizma Slideshow - put onto CD Rom


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